Timely feedback

“As part of a messy divorce, my house was put on the market in March of 2007. Since I did not have occupancy, I had little or no control in making sure the house was in the best condition for sale and at the right price. After buying out my ex-wife, I again placed it on the market and was looking for a realtor that would listen to my concerns and give me honest suggestions on how best to move the property. On a recommendation from a co-worker, I chose Celeste Robin. I was initially concerned that because she worked out of Foxboro and my house was located in Webster, she would not be able to give the proper attention to selling the house. My concerns were quickly put to rest. She was there more often than my previous realtor who was only 2 miles away. She made it a point to attend each initial showing and always provided timely feedback on what the potential buyers liked and didn’t like. She gave plenty of tips on making the property as appealing as possible. Although we did run into the inevitable issues that come with selling a house, Celeste definitely minimized the pain. Ultimately the house sold in a timely manner and at an acceptable price to me and it put an end to a difficult chapter in my life. I would highly recommend Celeste to anyone selling their home.”